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For its clients, Fine Relations strengthens the market position and the range of influence by creating alliances with key figures.

We advise and support clients who are faced with important challenges in dealing with governments, organizations, analysts, media, interest groups and other companies.

Fine Relations stands for discretion, professional advice, successful negotiations and purposeful relationship management at the highest political and economic levels.

In general, Corporate Diplomacy is defined as the ability to promote business interests through the creation of alliances with external key figures, including governments, analysts, media, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), thereby efficiently and successfully implementing corporate goals.

"...Corporate Diplomacy means winning the influence. It provides a framework for influencing key players in the support of business strategy and influencing key opinion-makers ... "(Harvard Business Review).

Corporate Diplomacy, is gaining in importance. A strong network of relationships is a good beginning, but only through the creation of strategic partnerships does it lead to sustainable success. Cooperations strengthen the position of the individual. And Corporate Diplomacy is the key.

Our Services

Difficulties in dealing with authorities, organizations, media, analysts and ethnic groups are business risks and should, if possible, be treated as such. The success of strategically challenging projects requires diplomatic skills. In particular, international activities must combine the different cultural, political and economic features.

Fine Relations, an expert in Corporate Diplomacy, advises and supports clients in the realization of strategically important projects by taking into account the different interests and integrating them into the solution.

Fine Relations creates customized strategies to strengthen and expand the market position and reach of its clients.

Fine Relations absolutely discreetly paves the way for official communication:

  • Positions interests of national and regional governments and authoritiesPlans and implements bilateral cooperationsClarifies preconditionsPrepares negotiationsOrganizes meetings at ministerial and presidential levels, but also with decision-makers in various authoritiesSupports the preparation of official appointments

The risk that one can get into unforeseen, complex situations that require careful action is just an existing fact. Changes in the political and economic situation, a growing pressure from the public as well as the changed security situation can create an environment in which one has to deal quickly. In these delicate circumstances, a focused and discreet approach is essential to bring about a relaxation of the situation.

Fine Relations, together with its clients, develops strategic approaches, advises the management in communications and discreetly talks with key figures on the ground.

Fine Relations supports and accompanies you to the relaxation of the situation.

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