Fine Relations

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Fine Relations is managed by Jean-Luc Meier.

Jean-Luc Meier is also co-founder and co-managing partner of SES - Strategic Expansion Solutions, New York and Zurich, a company that, since 2002, has qualified as a pioneer and expert in Corporate Diplomacy.

Before setting up SES, Jean-Luc Meier worked in the financial services sector, where he assumed various tasks in strategy development. He was a consultant in setting up the Office of the Swiss Banks for the search of dormant accounts, which had to deal with the problem of the unrelated assets. He was actively involved in its realization.

Jean-Luc Meier then worked as a consultant for international relations. Among his clients were The Trade Ministry of California, agencies of the American government, as well as multinational companies.

Jean-Luc Meier has held various administrative board mandates in the high-tech and financial industry in Europe and the USA.

He is on the board of TGSV TriGlobal Strategic Ventures (Moscow, New York) and on the advisory board of Naldera Advisory Services (Berlin) and on the Board of Swiss Traders AG (Lucerne).

Since October 2014, Jean-Luc Meier has been on the board of the "World Federation of United Nations Associations" WFUNA (Friends).

Jean-Luc Meier speaks German, French, English, Spanish (and Italian).

Corporate Diplomacy: alliances with stakeholders